Are Vegan Condoms For Real?

Most people are usually cognizant of vegan or dairy-free makeup, face creams, snacks, etc. But the majority, including hardcore vegans, are not aware of a ‘vegan condom’. Non-vegan condoms are usually made from lamb intestinal membrane or milk protein casein. Vegan condoms, on the other hand, are made from natural rubber latex. They are not just animal cruelty-free, but also a lot more effective at preventing STI transmission. A lambskin condom, for instance, isn’t that effective due to its porous architecture.

Non-vegan condoms could help mitigate pregnancy but won’t offer solid protection against STIs, which includes HIV. Polyurethane or latex condoms are therefore highly recommended. The extremely high 98 percent birth control efficacy rate of a vegan condom is a number that non-vegan condoms cannot boast of. For a vegan condom to be 98 percent effective, it’s important you use it the way the manufacturer intended. Else, the efficacy rate could take a hit.