Baby Blues: 3 Steps To A Better Night Sleep

Mom and baby having trouble sleeping? Here are 3 ways to catch more Zzzz’s.

Invest in breastfeeding nipple bottle tops.

The natural shape of the breast can prevent gas bubble from forming and can also be more naturally soothing for baby. This means more sleep for mom AND baby.

Change your fragrances.

If you diffuse essential oils, consider switching to lavender. It has calming effects on the mind and the body.

Consider co-sleeping.

If nothing else is working, co-sleeping can comfort baby and help you stay in bed longer. Simply keep your diapers, wipes and bottle prep close at hand.

The first few years of life are tough… but you got this! And when you don’t? Don’t forget to reach out for help. A good night sleep could be as close as asking a friend to babysit for a night.