Bedroom Renovations In Singapore

When it comes to Bedroom Renovations in Singapore, technicians conduct a survey to assess the condition of the building, the presence and size of cracks and other injuries in order to gather the first theme data for the elaboration of an intervention proposal and a quote.

Following the inspection, the technicians elaborate, thanks to a specific calculation software, the data of the geological report and formulate a highly reliable project proposal. According to the project and the area to be consolidated, the positions of the holes to be made are identified and in which the Geoplus resin will be injected. The perforations are made at a distance between centers that can vary from 0.45 m to 0.90 m. The specific injection center distance is established a priori based on the peculiar characteristics of the intervention. The holes made with manual perforators, with a diameter between 18 and 26 mm.