Benefits Of A Hemp Body Scrub

A hemp body scrub is made from fibrous material drawn from the hemp (marijuana) plant. It helps to exfoliate the skin naturally and results in smoother, brighter and more toned skin cells. Hemp plant matter contains many nourishing components such as animo and fatty acids while hemp seed oil is also a moisturizing agent. It can be an effective treatment for dry or flaky skin.

Hemp body scrubs usually consist of hemp powder, browns sugar (which is also an exfoliant that polishes and smooths the skin), hemp seed oil and lemon extracts (which help to kill bacteria and help heal certain skin conditions).

Use a hemp scrub in the shower after wetting the skin. Using circular motions massage the scrub all over the body (especially on sensitive skin areas) and leave it on for several minutes so that it permeates the skin then wash it off with warm water.