Benefits Of KME Sharpening System

The KME sharpening system has a robust construction that is easy to handle, allowing you to use it even without past experience. The high functionality ensures that you get value for your money and that the system lasts you a long time.

1. Simple Sharpening Process

This sharpening system has a simple operation process that allows you to use it even without past knowledge. You can easily use it whether you are left handed or right handed.

2. Efficiency

The 180⁰ rotating knife clamp ensures that you achieve even sharpens while using this sharpening system. you can achieve 17-28⁰ cutting angles with the 16cm blade.

3. Versatility

To achieve mobile use, you can hold the cutting system by the pistol-shaped handle or slot it into the base for stationed sharpening.


Sharpening systems with a robust construction allow you to use them without previous knowledge or experience. the angle adjustment ensures you achieve even sharpness.