Benefits To A Linen Sofa

Upholstery is a major consideration when buying a sofa set, and many people have been siding with linen in the recent past. The following are the major reasons why linen is getting so much love.

Linen is easier to clean. Microfiber linen sofas can resist water and stains. And spots and everyday spills can be easily cleaned using a mild cleaner. The material is also quite comfortable, especially when compared to vinyl or leather. Other sofa materials could at times feel too sticky and cold to touch. Linen is always inviting and more welcoming.

Linen is healthier and safer too. The material is hyper-allergenic since it’s made using natural fibers. The external surface of the linen sofa doesn’t loosen and is compact, which means it doesn’t permit dust particles to settle down and cause issues for people suffering from dust allergies.

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