Beware Of Police Dog Bites

Police Dog Bites can be lethal and may seriously injure a person. While the chances are you will never encounter a hostile police dog, you should still be aware of the possibility of such a situation. In most cases, if you encounter a police dog do not run or try to attack the animal. Do not be scared as the police dogs are trained to not bite civilians or the general public. You may be in a crime scene or the police dog is just checking you. The worst thing you can do is panic and run away from the dog. Look around and you will see the dog handlers in sight. It is the responsibility of the police officer to take care of the public and make sure the dogs are supervised. You will not get a bite from a dog if you are not a criminal and at not attacking the dog. These dogs will never harm anyone as they are trained to attack or bite only on the instructions of their handler, or if these animals are attacked first.

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