Burlesque Costumes: 4 Sultry Staples You Need Now

Whether you are a professional dancer or an at-home beginner, these 4 sultry staples will add the perfect bit of authenticity to your favorite burlesque costumes

Nipple Tassels

Not only are tassels one of the most risqué accessories in all of burlesque… they are really fun to use. It is super simple. Just shimmy those shoulders until you get the tassels to move in one direction.

Shimmy Belt

Make every move count with a classic shimmy belt that makes the most of every hip swing. Practice using it in the mirror until you get comfortable with it.

Feathered Bodysuit

True to the original time period of burlesque, try a body suit with a feathered back. This look lends itself well to live shows and doesn’t work as well for the bedroom but it can make for a sexy costume for theme parties.

T-Strap Heels

Not only are t-straps a staple of burlesque, they are also very easy to dance in. The strap helps you stay balanced and the lower heel helps keeps your center of gravity feeling natural.