Business Websites Wagga Wagga

To make your website sizzle, ensure that the HTML can updated programmatically. Comments and consistent formatting will enable you to write scripts to modify your page. For example, if you have copyright notices on the bottom of your pages, you can insert tags into your documents.

If the footer should ever change, you can easily update every file. For Business Websites Wagga Wagga, there are dynamic ways of creating pages, but not everyone can afford SQL databases to store information. On the other hand, some sites are too busy to spare CPU cycles to create on-the-fly HTML for sites that get 300 000 hits a day.

Create logs. You need to track which of your pages are most popular. Rotate your logs every day or every week depending on the number of hits you get. Crunching 500M-byte log files will take considerable time, memory, and CPU cycles resources production web servers lack. Ensure your statistics software can track multiple log files. Use your favorite search engine to find free statistics software on the net.

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