Buying Underground Gate Motors

Underground gate motors are available in various specifications for new and existing gates. The selected motor should be appropriate for the type of gate for which it will be used. Heavier gates require more powerful motors. There are many technical details that need to be properly calculated before buying any such motor. This type of calculation can be done better by technicians who are expert in these motors.

There is no need to worry about water damage even though it is an underground system. This type of gate opener is inside a completely sealed unit and immersed in oil. It is designed for many years of operation under adverse outdoor conditions. The selected gate motor unit should be easy to install. Some gates require complete 180 degree opening. The motor selected for such a gate should be able to do so. It is a good idea to buy an underground gate motor system that can be repaired and serviced easily by local technicians. Its parts and components should be available easily.