Capsule Manufacturing Process And Packaging

Capsule manufacturers usually make capsules for packaging drugs and dietary supplements. Since the capsules are ingested into the human body, they must be safe and easy to digest. That’s why manufacturers follow strict quality control measures.

Capsule Manufacturing Process

cap350The main raw material in the process is gelatin. The material is first checked by quality control officers before commencement of the capsule manufacturing process. The substance is mixed with hot pure water inside a stainless steel mixer in vacuum. The aged mixture is then transferred to feed tanks where dyes, additional water and opacifants are added. The mixture is then gravity-fed onto stainless steel pin molds. The pins are then dipped into gelatin solution of a different color, or the same color, depending on customer specifications. After setting on the pins and drying, the capsules are removed from the pins and trimmed to size and branded before being assembled, packaged and shipped to drug and supplement manufacturers.