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Guide To Corporate Video Animation

Research shows that more than 80% of Internet users remember the advertisements or video presentations they viewed online. Corporate video animation is easily embedded in the memory. It is proven that people remember 20% of what they hear and 30% of what they see, and at least 70% of what they see and hear at the same time.

Animated videos and e-commerce are closed linked. When the prospect is looking for an online video, he is just a click away from purchasing a product. This is not the case with a print advertisement, a sales page or a television or radio advertisement. Animated explanatory videos are compatible with different types of platforms, including smartphones, desktops and tablets.

In 2016, two-thirds of mobile data traffic was focused on video content. On the other hand, 76% of people working in Internet marketing intend to increase their use of explanatory videos. Search engines and mainly Google, like blogs and sites that publish videos. As a result, these sites attract three times more visitors than those with text-based content only.