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The Importance Of A Mining Licence

The new approach requires a new vision on the selection of structural materials, bringing magnesium back to the attention of designers. With all respect to the 1970s, new solutions for the corrosion resistance of magnesium alloys that require a Mining Licence to allow better maintenance of aerospace systems. Therefore, significant movements towards a renewed use of magnesium in aerospace systems can be detected recently.

In commercial aircraft, attempts were made to apply magnesium to internal structures such as seats, bag compartments, folding tables and food trolleys. The reuse of magnesium in external structures has yet to appear. New developments for the development of on-board electronics, where replacing magnesium with aluminum on a one-to-one basis leads to a saving of 40% in weight.

Consumer Electronics Sector: lightening and downsizing are great challenges for electronic/communication equipment. First of all, for the same energy and fuel savings during shipping, both on land and in aerospace.