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Why Live Gold Prices Are So Volatile

gold3503Live gold price fluctuate constantly, but why does this happen and how can one time the market so as to make a profit from gold investments?

The price of gold fluctuates constantly due to supply and demand. When there is a great quantity of gold above ground, or when gold output exceeds the amount of gold needed industrially and by investors, the price falls. Additionally, futures contracts and gold derivative markets keep the price of gold in a constant state of flux.

Timing the gold market can be difficult without insider information, and for this reason many investors buy gold with plans to hold it long-term. When inflation forces the dollar to lose value, commodities like gold that are priced in dollars gain value.
Live gold prices are available free online, and it’s recommended that you speak with a reputable financial expert before buying or selling gold.

Amora Gems- A Bit Of Heaven On Earth

Love is pure and magical, quite like the stars that glitter in the night sky. If you have promised her the moon and the stars, you can now actually give her a precious piece of a star. Amora gems are the crystals that are found close to large stars. Now for the first time ever they can be created on Earth under the most spectacular conditions.

If you have promised to love and cherish her for the rest of your life, then express your love with an Amora gem. Add a bit of magical stardust to your marriage proposal with a stone that is rarer than the diamond. It is nothing short of brilliant and scores higher than diamond on the cut, clarity and color. It scores well in the cost department too. The Amora has the highest refractive index and it sparkles with fire, quite like your passionate love.