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Maintenance Free Pools Are Leading The Way

There is nothing more relaxing than taking a nice dip in the pool on a hot day, but having to keep up with cleaning and other routine maintenance tasks can be time consuming and overwhelming for most. Luckily, maintenance free pools are a simple solution that can save the homeowner quite a bit of time and hassle. These increasingly popular models were specifically designed to be self-sufficient and require minimal to no work.

Many aspects of pool care can be completely automated thanks to advancements in technology. Remote monitoring, wireless controllers and automated filtration and pH systems are just a few of the things that can make maintenance effortless. One of the most popular features still tends to be automatic cleaning though. Various systems are available that makes this work easy via robotic cleaning systems or utilizing the pool drain itself.

What Are Pool Installation Costs?

if you are thinking of adding a swimming pool to your outdoor space, the cost is one of your concerns. Of course, pool installation costs can vary widely, partly based on whether your pool is sunk into the ground or installed above ground. Expect to pay at least $34000 for an in ground pool, although a more accurate cost will depend on the size, shape and depth of the pool. Other factors include any water heaters or other additions, the surrounding patio area and drainage facilities, and the amount of extra concrete needed for the project. Obtaining at least one quote from a pool company is a must; you should also find out what the company’s policy is if the work takes longer than expected. And being prepared for additional costs, such as putting in retaining walls, moving flower beds or electrical systems during the installation.

Maintenance Free Pools Appearing

It is important to be honest, totally maintenance free pools do not exist. What does exist are pools where the maintenance is very minimal and infrequent which is a big change from all the maintenance involved with a traditional swimming pool.

Several innovations have cut down the amount one needs to tend to a pool. The most common of these are the automatic cleaners and skimmers. While you do not have to tend to this equipment daily, you do have to clean out the equipment weekly.

Other innovations that help cut down on pool care include those that do not use traditional chemicals like chlorine. There are those that utilize salt and UV filtration to keep the water clean. The latest innovation calls for using plants, aeration, and fish to keep your water clean. These natural pools still have pumps and filters that must be changed occasionally.

Common Mistakes To Avoid During Swimming Pool Construction

Nothing is more exciting than adding a swimming pool to a property. Of course, various mistakes can be made during swimming pool construction. Homeowners need to avoid these mistakes to ensure a painless installation. It’s important to hire the right installation company to tackle a swimming pool. Therefore, homeowners must vet their potential installers and find one offering competitive pricing. Far too many people overlook this simple step in the process.

From there, a homeowner must figure out where the swimming pool makes the most sense. The configuration of the surrounding area is vital, although many people don’t think about it. Perhaps a surrounding deck will complete the project. Either way, construction of a pool isn’t cheap and a strict budget should be maintained at all times. A couple months of work and care can lead to a great pool in the backyard.

Maintenance Free Pools On The Rise

Not long ago there was no such thing as maintenance free pools. Many people started to complain about the time and money that goes into maintaining a standard pool. So many people started complain that pool makers started to actually listen. Today there are several maintenance free, or rather low maintenance options for your swimming pool.

Some low maintenance options feature the use of salt and ultra violet lights versus chemicals and filtration systems. These systems require far less consumable products and virtually no artificial chemicals. While there are some steps you must carry out, the amount of maintenance is drastically reduced.

The newest low maintenance pool features the use of live matter like aquatic plants and fish. These pools use oxygen, plants, and fish to filter out impurities and dangerous algae blooms. The result is a crystal clear natural pool you can enjoy.

Maintenance Free Pools Are A Goal

Everyone loves a sparkling clear swimming pool, but few enjoy keeping that pool sparkling clean. It has long been a goal of pool manufacturers to create maintenance free pools.

Several pool maintenance steps have become automated. Pools now have automatic pumps, cleaners, and covers. These automated processes all occur either continuously or on a timed cycle. Even with all these automation, there is still some human interaction required.

New types of pools are always being constructed to minimize, or even eliminate, maintenance. The newest craze are pools that utilize fish, plants, air and the sun much in the way that a natural spring works. The water is filtered through natural matter in select filtration areas. Biological agents, like fish and plants, are utilized to minimize harmful bacteria and algae growth. Even these pools require some human intervention occasionally. The reality is, all pools require a little attention, but in the near future that will change.