Cell Phone Tower Leasing Advice

Negotiating a cell tower lease is not something you do very often. It’s a novel experience unlike business and residential property leasing. Because of the innate complexity of satellite based communication technology, cell phone companies are at a slight advantage over the common layman like you and me. As such, there are a few aces you should have up your sleeve to even the scales and get a fair offer. Now, here is where cell phone tower leasing advice is helpful.

Hire An Expert

Enlist the services of a cell tower lease expert. Knowing a thing or two about technical terms, projected profits, related costs and current rates allows you to negotiate a powerful position.

Get Intimate With The Lease Agreement

Secondly, don’t fall for a ‘lease per square foot’. Talk about good old fashioned swindling, those cell companies ought to be ashamed of themselves for ripping off unsuspecting landowners. So read every term in the lease offer with an expert to avoid being caught napping.