Cell Tower Lease Agreements

If you’ve just been approached by a communications network provider who’s offering you money to erect a cell tower on your property, then I’ll assume that you have the face of a man who has just won the lottery. However, before you start crunching numbers at the exciting prospect of making a passive income, there are cell tower lease agreements to be negotiated first.

Reality vs Illusion

Most of the time, property owners get offers that don’t reflect the real situation on the ground. For example, some locations are prime because there is little or no network cover in such locations. To get a true picture of the facts then look for network coverage maps to get a proper reflection.

Familiarise Yourself With Technical Terms & Fancy Jargon

Almost inevitably the contract -once consensus has been reached- will contain technical terms that will require clarification if you’re serious about receiving your dues. Find an experienced negotiator to take you through it before committing yourself to anything by way of signatures that cannot be revoked at a later stage.