Characteristics Of Hazloc Lighting

The high quality xenon effect halogen lamp has a quartz glass tube, contains xenon gas, has a high yield, offers a cool white light. It is the whitest light granted by the Highway Code, similar to the solar one and Hazloc Lighting.

The lamps with LED technology provide a greater quantity and quality of light, duration (3 times greater) and energy savings (70% or 5 times less) because they heat less. The light is powerful, deep, homogeneous, very white, immaculate, clean, without UV and infrared rays. Ignition is immediate.

The big difference between xenon effect halogen and LED is enclosed in the color temperature: from 4300K (cold white) of the first to 6000-6500K (pure white, without reflection) of the second. The light beam of the LED lamps is longer, deeper, wider, bright and homogeneous. They are waterproof and even more resistant to temperature changes, strong vibrations and extreme temperatures. LED headlights cost more due to the much higher power and durability.