Cheap Overseas Flights: Tips On Beating The Price

The thing with cheap overseas flights is that prices fluctuate just like anything at the grocery store, and perhaps even more regularly. And yes, you may have heard this misapplied somewhere, but getting cheap plane tickets is an art.

Eyes Out Like A Hawk’s

If you’re a regular traveler, you probably know this first hand. There is no prime time for real discounts, they just happen. But the secret to this is checking rates consistently in the days leading up to your departure.

Get Notifications

What’s even faster and more productive is subscribing to instant notifications every time you’re invited to. By so doing, you know exactly when a deal is for the offering and can take advantage immediately.

Then of course the regular specials, which are on Wednesdays and Tuesday afternoon Eastern Time. And since special days may differ from airline to airline, take time to familiarise yourself.

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