Classic Guitar Picks: Rekindling The Past

When I take time from work and get to relax, all I can think about is taking out my guitar and strumming a few tunes from the 1970’s. There’s something I find remarkably irresistible about recreating the crisp sound that once dominated my youthful years. But now, classic guitar picks -though rare- are slowly becoming popular.

Nothing Beats Nylon

Names like David Gilmour and Jimmy Page may not mean anything to the present generation, but nylon worked for them successfully. A Mainstay for generations, nylon produces a brighter sound than the plastic picks being made these days. Add a textured grip, and the flexibility will let your sound resonate crisply.

Alternate Tone Generators

Wood, stone and leather have their place among the classics too. Famed for creating ‘alternate tone’, they are aesthetically beautiful and almost at one with the fingers in terms of feel.

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