Classical Colonial Taper Candles

The candelabrum is a timeless vehicle for the Best Classical Themed Candles USA. Tapered candles that fill candelabras have a long history of artesian candle makers in the United States. The ambiance that a flicker of a tapered candle creates is one of a special occasion. Candle light dinners, weddings, and religious ceremonies all are well known for that special warmth that candelabra lit taper gives.

Colonial American households perfected candle making, since it was a source of light, it was essential to master the art. Today, borrowing from Colonial techniques candle making has gone to new heights of products prepared from many different waxes. Artesian are using soy wax, and scents to create light and aroma therapy experiences. But the same techniques; dip the wick and dry over a wooden dowel and dip again until the desired width is achieved, is a classical craft that time will not change.