Common Cheap Android TV Boxes Issues And Their Solutions

Nowadays, Android TV boxes are cheaper than ever before. So, if you have been waiting for an opportunity to convert your TV into a smart one without spending so much money, the time is now. Start shopping for cheap Android TV boxes to enjoy its amazing capabilities affordably.

Not only does it allow you to stream and download music and videos but you can also use it to search the internet, access social media, and play online games. But, what happens when your Television box stops working? What options do you have in such situations? Well, before you can call the seller or the manufacturer, you should try troubleshooting the issue. Here are the common ones and their solutions:

TV Box Won’t Boot Up

It’s very annoying to try to boot up your Android TV box and it fails to respond. Luckily, this issue can be fixed simply by factory resetting the device. You can do it by:

• Selecting setting on the main menu

• Identifying factory reset and clicking on it

Working at a Slow Speed

This issue is just as annoying as the first one. Like the first one, it can also be fixed by factory resetting your Android device.

TV Box Won’t Power Up

If your Android TB box doesn’t power up, it could be an issue with the power source or the power cord. So, try fixing it using these tips:

• Press the power button for about 15 seconds. We call this technique soft resetting.

• Check the power outlet to confirm if the power cord is connected and the switch is turned on.

• If the above tips don’t work, try testing the power cable to check if it’s still effective. If it’s not, change it.

TV Box Won’t Connect to the Wi-Fi

Lastly, if your Android television box fails to connect to the Wi-Fi, you should try any or all of these approaches:

• Shut down the device and try to restart it

• Confirm the Wi-Fi password to ensure it is correct

• Move the TV box beyond your coverage area and select ‘forget the network’. It allows you to reset Wi-Fi.

The availability of cheap Android TV boxes makes it easy for most homeowners to enjoy Android Smart TV content conveniently. It’s important though that you know how to troubleshoot common problems. You can start with the ones discussed above.