Considering The Ethical & Legal Aspects Of Surveillance Spy Equipment

Whilst it’s a tad unnerving to imagine that there could be a hidden camera everywhere you go -hovering behind your head or safely tucked away amongst furniture or clothing- there is a strong justification for the use of surveillance spy equipment. Whether it’s for home use or for your business, the benefits can never be overstated enough.

But for now, let’s forget about benefits and consider the ethical and legal aspects of CCTV cameras.

Let’s not overlook the possibility of people using surveillance cameras for the wrong reasons. Blackmail, extortion, you’ve seen it on television. The flash drive containing that all incriminating footage that has presidents’ heads rolling.

It suffices to say that the infringement of the privacy of unsuspecting individuals whose homes or offices are “tapped” is a reason to sue.

Think Before You Act

Yes, surveillance spy equipment has its benefits. But it’s equally important to have limits and respect the bounds of others’ privacy as careless, unsanctioned and unreasonable use can lead to costly legal battles.