Content Marketing For Small Business

For a number of startup online businesses, content marketing for small business ventures might seem like a needless waste of money. I mean, isn’t that money that could be otherwise spend on more important things, like branding for instance? Well, according to the stats, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Engaging The Consumer

Imagine content as your shrink. A good listener and attentive to detail, a psychologist engages you and allows you to open up and share even your most embarrassing of life experiences. In business, content built around a product or service engages the customer -who, by the way, is longing to be served- and introduces them into your world.

Value Addition

If you’ve ever been stone-faced into buying something you’ll understand what I mean. No good morning, how can I help you:-) or a courteous summary of what’s on sale. In this sense, content creates n additional buying experience that doesn’t leave the customer feeling like a gun is being held to their heads.

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