Creating A SharePoint Strategy That Guarantees Best Performance

If you are using SharePoint in your company, you need a proper backup strategy to protect your data in case of unexpected software or hardware failure or other reasons such as putting back accidentally deleted data or archiving data for legal use. While most people tend to back up everything, the best strategy for backing up SharePoint is to back up just the right amount of data. Data that does not regularly change should not be frequently backed up unless there have been changes.

When creating your backing up Sharepoint strategy, you should avoid processing conflicts as well as minimize the latency between the backup location and the SQL server. To avoid the processing conflicts, you should ensure that all databases are not backed up at the same time. You should also make sure backups do not happen when users require access to the system by using a third-party tool to schedule backups when the system is not being fully utilized such as on nights and weekends.

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