Cute, Fashionable And Convenient: Press On Nails

You can find hundreds of press on nails online. What with bright and pastel shades, metallic nails, glitter nails and holograms, the only problem is knowing what kind to choose. The majority of nails are made up in kits, complete with the adhesive tabs that fit onto your natural nails. The more kits you buy at once, the less expensive each unit.

Before you purchase a year’s supply of nails, make sure that you really want to wear that shade all the time. One option is to create nail pools, swapping your shocking pink nails for your friend’s bright red or gold shades. Once in place on the nail bed, the press on nail lasts indefinitely and can be clipped and filed as your own nails grow. When you want to take off a set of nails, simply soak your hands in water and rock each nail until it peels off. Nail polish remover will dissolve any remaining adhesive.