Definition Of Structured Water

What is structured water (SW)?

Water that is near water-loving surfaces (hydrophilic) creates structured water utilizing molecular arrangements.

Joining together in hexagonal structures, like when ice is formed, in layers of single sheets is how SW is formed.

As they are not joined together by protons an SW sheet is more flexible and fluid while moving independently unlike ice.

As your body tissue is hydrophilic the majority of your body water is SW.

Can it be used as a battery?

The totality in SW as discussed above doesn’t only go for the molecule of that SW but all immediate surrounding water as well.

Protons are ejected into the surrounding water as the hexagonal layers grow to create an unexpected phenomenon which is potential electricity (voltage) between the surrounding water and the SW.

So this means that yes, you can use it as a battery of sorts, as this process explained means that SW can store energy like a battery.