Developing An Employee Assitance Program

Does your company have an Employee Assitance Program? Employees are the most critical resources in an organization. Therefore, the implementation of an assistance program will keep employees motivated and engaged. Employee assistance initiatives aim to provide support to employees and supervisors to maintain a positive and efficient working environment. Factors to consider include confidentiality, the scope of assistance, and the financial resources available. Firstly, will your company offer counseling support, fitness plans, daycare assistance, and forums for conflict management? These are some examples of assistance program areas. Next, the program must have a confidentiality component.

Employees must be able to trust the process and the persons involved. Also, any company embarking on an assistance program for employees must allot funding for the program. If the company does not employ a human resources professional, then professional services should be engaged. Further, the company would have to contract professional counseling services when needed. These types of programs encourage employee wellness and retention.