Double Scissor Lift Tables

There are cases wherein extremely heavy loads need to be lifted to a substantial height off the ground. For example, repair shops may want to check the underside of a car to see what’s causing a problem. Others might want to transfer materials to a higher floor but they can’t use bulky machinery to do so.

One solution is to use double scissor lift tables. These are heavy duty machines that are usually powered by hydraulic or pneumatic systems. They can travel to different heights with the highest being around 90 inches off the ground. When folded, they have a very low profile that makes them easy to store away.

Their ability to carry load differs from one model to another. Rated capacities are typically around 2,500 lbs, 4,000 lbs, and 6,000 lbs. The lower end should be enough to carry most sedans while the upper end can carry even the large SUVs.