Dry Herb Crafty Portable Vaporizer

Crafty Portable Vaporizer is an excellent vaping device from the makers of Volcano. There are many features that make this vaporizer a favorite with dry herb vapers. It is a portable vaporizer that you can carry anywhere. It comes easily in the palm of your hand. Many of its features can be controlled through its app. There is high quality heating cartridge. The temperature fuse provides excellent performance. The aluminum heat exchanger works efficiently.

You can control the heating function of Crafty Vaporizer precisely. It comes with automatic switch off system so there is no waste of battery power. This portable vaporizer carries two-year warranty. You can use it to heat dry herbs and concentrates. It is the first choice for vapers when they want a top quality dry herb vaporizer. The USB powered device can be recharged easily. In fact, you can use it even when it is charging and connected to the USB. The exterior of the body does not heat up during operation so you can hold it safely while vaping.

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