E-Cigarettes: Halo G6 Review

Halo G6 review show that these e-cigarettes provide a great vaping experience and pleasant taste. They boast an eye-catching, futuristic design and come with a set of cartridges that contain nicotine. The cigarettes are well suited to smokers who have not yet transitioned to DIY kits and customizable atomizers. Halo provides multiple customization options; you can choose color, type of battery and cartridge flavor. The items are shipped with a wall adapter, two batteries, a USB adapter and five packs of cartridges. Batteries come in two sizes: 2.56 inches (or 65 millimeters) and 3.07 inches (or 78 millimeters). You can also select between manual and automatic batteries. The manual version allows more control. Cartridges for Halo G6 e-cigarettes are available in an assortment of flavors, including  menthol, Turkish tobacco and cocoa. Nicotine strengths vary to suit different smoking preferences; they range from 06 mgs to 24 mgs.

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