Effective Testing With Blood Ketone Meter

The ketosis diet has been making waves for a while because of its perceived benefits for obese individuals who want to lose weight and endurance athletes who want to perform at a higher level. It preach the dependence on fat burning for energy instead of the usual carbohydrates. Part of the appeal is the possibility of measuring day-to-day progress using test strips.

If you are doing it right, then the liver will produce a substance called ketone. There are well-known signs that you are producing ketones such as the quality of your urine and so on, but these are not very reliable. Urine test strips may help but the results could be affected by the consumption of supplements, dilution in water, and the presence of certain medicines. It is better to use a blood ketone meter for this exercise. Just a drop of blood from a pin prick is enough to get an accurate reading.