Elements Of Lighting Design

Designers will consider three main elements in their plans. The first is the intensity of the lighting as measured in lux. Spaces must have enough brightness for safety and productivity, but they can’t be so bright as to hurt the eyes. Sometimes dimming the lights can create a nice atmosphere. Getting the right balance is essential.

Lighting can be simple or complicated depending on the needs and aspirations of the homeowner. If all you want is to illuminate a space, then you can just use a single bulb and call it a day. Of course, this will not be the most attractive solution. Those who want a more sophisticated lighting design should get experts to get the job done.

The light’s temperature is also important as it affects mood and alertness. Even subtle difference can be picked up quickly by the human eye. Contrast is another factor to consider. Sometimes it is better to use diffused lighting for a more even and pleasant illumination. If there are art pieces that you want to highlight, then directional lighting comes in handy.

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