Employee Assistance Program Newcastle

A single loose relationship can tilt the success scales for a new business. Relationships can translate into new sales opportunities, new supplier channels, new partnerships or new employee recruits. As the size of your network increases, so does the chance of finding those key people and building those critical relationships. Over the long term a large, well managed personal network of contacts will be worth far more than any amount of start-up capital.

Ultimately human capital will always be more important than financial capital in building a business over the long term. Hence, the need to enroll for the Employee Assistance Program Newcastle.

So if you do have an idea, stop dreaming about raising millions of rands from a venture capital fund or getting a hefty bank loan to tide you over in your first few years of existence. Start thinking about how you can get going on as little money as possible to prove that you have a viable business model and to prove that you have the ability to execute as an entrepreneur.