Everything You Need To Know About Ice Bath

If you plan to use an ice bath in your home, you should invest in a quality Stock Tank. These are large enough to store a substantial amount of ice, and they are easy to clean and drain. These tanks are also built to last and are durable enough to handle regular use from livestock. For a home ice bath, you should go for the 150-gallon stock tank. It is about 147cm long and 63 cm deep, which is deep enough to reach the water level around the shoulders.

This Stock Tank is made of weather-resistant material, making it a good choice for outdoor use. In addition, this unit’s seamless and durable structural foam construction prevents leaks and cracks. You can use it indoors or out, but make sure you have a wire guard for your Stock Tank to avoid possible injuries. The Stock Tank is also highly portable and is easy to store when it is not in use.

Whether you’re buying a small portable ice bath or a large, purpose-built model, you’ll need to take into consideration the space that you’ve available. While an ice bath is best suited for an outdoor setting, it’s equally easy to set up an indoor version.