Factors To Consider When Weaning A Toddler

Before you begin weaning a toddler, there are several factors of weaning on the physical effects, developmental stage, and nutrition of the child.

First, the main concern for every breastfeeding mother is the nutrition of the toddler. Notably, it is vital to know exactly how much breast milk they are getting if any. Since breast milk provides most of the essential nutrients needed by the toddler’s body, the focus should be geared towards offering the additional calories required daily.

As you withdraw milk as the main food source, ensure that you compensate the nutrients from the food you give. However, you do not have to track every calorie taken by the toddler, instead, try to achieve a balanced diet. Toddlers have intuitive bodies and will eat what they want. The rule of thumb is to provide different food varieties at regular intervals, and they will choose when and what to eat and how much.