Fast Turnaround Turnkey PCB Assembly Services

Getting your PCB made as per your specifications is no longer difficult, time-consuming and expensive. Just go online and connect with a company that offers turnkey PCB assembly services. It will make your PCBs as per your instructions. You will receive those PCBs by mail. Order a few PCBs for prototype requirements. Place a large order for market testing of an electronic product.

The PCB company offers both fabrication and assembly services. Under the fabrication plan, it will make only the bare board with the copper print. If you order the assembly service, it will fabricate the PCBs, arrange the components, solder and attach those components to the boards, and ship the finished PCBs to you. All these services are provided at standard prices. Discounts are offered on large orders. Small volume production can take 5-6 days while prototype fabrication can be completed in 1-2 days.