Find Quality Glass Coffee Cups

In terms of coffee filters, both disposable paper and permanent ones can be used, and the filter holder basket can be easily removed for cleaning. The machine is also prepared for the use of a water filter, but must be purchased separately. One factor that differentiates it from the other options available on the market is the variety of features it is equipped with, among which we can find:

Also the capacity is excellent with a 1,375 liter tank, which corresponds to about 10 large or 15 Glass Coffee Cups, as indicated also on the carafe and on the tank itself, together with the quantity of coffee required for extraction.

Programming: you can set this American coffee machine to prepare coffee at a specified time up to 24 hours in advance. Just fill the tank with water, add the coffee and set the dedicated timer. Aroma works, which allows you to choose the intensity of the coffee, with 3 different options.