Fit And Flare Wedding Dresses Are Versatile

Fit and flare wedding dresses present a timeless silhouette appropriate for many different body types. There are trends in wedding dresses just like everything else. Unfortunately, a trendy wedding dress ages quickly and poorly. Photos taken in the dress look dated within a few years. A fit and flare silhouette is on trend, but at the same time it is a timeless look that resists aging.

This type of dress looks great on a multitude of body types. It perfectly accentuates curves if you have them or enhances them if you do not. The dress is well suited with sleeves, straps, a halter, or strapless making it more versatile than many styles of dresses. Make it extra extravagant by adding a train and jewels or keep it simple with a sleek satin. It is a dress that can accommodate any style or body type.

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