Fresh Bread And Great Cake At Kroger Bakery

Kroger Bakery provides fresh baked goods in many varieties. Freshly baked French Bread or Italian Bread are made daily. The quality and freshness of the baked goods available provide an affordable option, easy access, and the taste will put a smile on any face.

Birthday cakes are one of the most popular items at the Kroger Bakery. If you prefer chocolate cake or white with buttercream frosting, you can order a cake that fits your needs. Do you like your cake round with two layers or do you want a one layer sheet cake? What you want is what you will get when you order your cake ahead of time. However, if you are a last minute shopper you’ll find many options. The baker will be happy to add whatever wording you’d like to the top of any cake from Happy Birthday to Congratulations.

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