Fun Football, Fashionable Outfits

Pee-wee football, or commonly known as “Pop Warner” football, is getting the basics of the game taught to you as a kid. They have competitive leagues and exciting games, and often times is looked back on as some of the most fun and best times for many football fanatics. They teach the rules, teamwork, spirit of the game, and basic skills that one would need to continue to grow in the game.

One thing that is often overlooked for camaraderie and the spirit of the team is the touch football uniforms. It may seem silly, but the way that the team looks has a large effect on the overall mood of the team. One would not name their team the losers and have bright pink for a color if they expected them to win. Kids want a cool name like the tigers, lions, or ghosts. The colors of the uniform can make a huge difference too. Not having to feminine of colors is a good start, but no one can miss with a black or dark red. On top of that, parents, it is much easier to clean a darker jersey of grass stains than a light colored one. It just is a small thing, but the uniform can add so much to a team’s overall effectiveness.