George Friedman: The World’s Most Accurate Forecaster?

Do you know who George Friedman is? If not, you should. George Friedman is a geopolitical forecaster and the founder of STRATFOR, a company that provides intelligence on global affairs. He has been called “the world’s most accurate forecaster” by The Economist, and his predictions about the future are always worth taking into account.

What should I know about this?

In his most recent book, “Flashpoints: The Emerging Crisis in Europe,” Friedman argues that the European Union is facing an existential crisis. He believes that the EU will eventually break up and that this process has already begun. One of the reasons he cites for this is the fact that different countries within the EU have different interests, and these interests are not always compatible. For example, Germany is interested in maintaining a strong economy, while Greece is more concerned with social welfare spending. This divergence of interests makes it difficult for the EU to function effectively as a unit.

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