Getting Sponsorships For Basketball Uniforms

The sponsorship domain is competitive, but that doesn’t mean you cannot successfully latch a patronage. Use the following tips:

• Survey firms in the field of embroidering or screening kids’ basketball uniforms for comparing pricing on styles, materials, turn-around time and prices. Let your sponsors know you’ve done your homework.

• Get the kids’ parents to approach companies for underwriting your sponsorship.

• Have a formal marketing letter to request in-person interactions with people contemplating charitable contributions. The letter must be direct and friendly, but compelling.

• Utilize the 80/20 marketing tool for anticipating the positive reactions that could be expected. In other words, if 80 letters have been mailed out, you must be capable of scheduling close to 20 meetings.

• Press for a check whenever possible. Just a warm reception is usually not good enough.

• Carry on soliciting sponsorships till you get one. Once done, ensure everything possible for acknowledging the generosity.