Guide To Distance Healing

During pregnancy a woman’s body temperature rises and she produces more carbon dioxide, making her more attractive to mosquitoes. They’re also likely to get more severe malaria. Babies and toddlers are more seriously affected too and physicians recommend that children under five not be taken to malaria areas as shown by Distance Healing.

Preventing bites in the first place is your first line of defense against malaria. Sleep under a mosquito net. Apply insect repellent. Wear long-sleeved tops, trousers, socks and shoes at times when mosquitoes are active, i.e. from dusk until dawn. Use citronella candles and coils or attach a patch. Keep the fan or air conditioner on. Anti-malaria drugs are also recommended. Unlike mosquito control, malaria prophylactics don’t prevent bites from mosquitoes, but rather prevent the development of malaria parasites in the blood. Consult your doctor or Healing professional.