Guide To Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs

The hydraulic circuit allows the configuration of tools via components, such as cylinders, hydraulic motors thanks to the transmission of torque and forces. It offers great flexibility of use with infinite speed variations. Unlike pumps, motors convert the energy received by the fluid into mechanical energy. They are receivers. From a technical point of view, the motors are close to the pumps since some of them can be turned into engines.

There are two categories of hydraulic motors: those with fixed displacement and those with variable displacement. Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs specialists can handle any component issues to ensure optimal functioning.

The rotor transmits the movement. When the oil is admitted through the orifice, the volume increases. When it is repressed, the volume decreases. These compression / expansion phases move the rotor of the gear motor. The pistons, diametrically opposed by the center, are fed two by two.

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