Guide To Lingual Braces In Carlingford

Lingual Braces in Carlingford provide a practical cosmetic alternative for patients looking to have their teeth straightened without exposing the braces. The process entails taking a clear impression of the patient’s teeth. The impression is used by a dental lab to produce customized brackets that fit snugly onto the patient’s teeth. The duration of the process can range between four and six weeks.

The braces keep the teeth straightened by applying moderate pressure. This ensures that the teeth can gradually shift into position.

Rewarding the kid with a treat after the appointment highlights positive aspects of the trip. Heading to the playground or ice-cream parlor reinforces the positive appeal. It’s important to stay relaxed and cheerful; any sign of anxiety may unsettle a perceptive or sensitive kid. Avoid criticism throughout the visit; use a supportive tone even if the child is uncooperative or screams.