Guide To Sediment Control

The main privilege of these cutting-edge Sediment Control technologies is based on the fact that it is no longer necessary to waste time and money on trenching work in order to diagnose a problem. Using a robotic video inspection robot or an endoscopic camera is synonymous with economy in every respect.

The video inspection robot will do the job in a quick and easy way while taking into account the preservation of the environment. This diagnostic method also generates less noise, dust and energy waste compared to trenching jobs. Indeed, the video inspection technique of sanitation networks is a gentle and non-invasive method, fast and extremely discreet. In addition, the technology provided by these revolutionary devices is adapted to extreme and inaccessible situations without requiring considerable resources thanks to unparalleled maneuverability.

Benefits in terms of efficiency, speed and security. ften sanitation technicians face pipe problems under highways, expressways and busy streets in the city center. They can not afford to cut off traffic.