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If the typical incompatibilities of lawyers do not extend to simple practitioners – who, it will be better to see later (postponement), can carry out any subordinate or autonomous work, provided they are declared to the competent Council of the Order – this does not it is valid, instead, for the practitioners qualified to the patronage. Therefore, similarly to the lawyer, the activity of the qualified practitioner is incompatible with.

Any paid employment (with the exception of university professors and assistants and professors of secondary schools in the State who teach legal subjects). The exercise in one’s own name or that of others of trading activities (including therefore the quality of partner of partnerships and the positions of director of legal persons). Trial Binders Near Me offer great services.

For this reason, it can be stated that the registration in the register of licensed practitioners – as well as enrollment in the Register of Lawyers – must be considered incompatible with any subordinate work even if with limited hours.