Guide To White Contact Lenses

The habitual use of glasses or White Contact Lenses would make the eye become accustomed to specific visual conditions. At first you could in fact find yourself in a stable situation in which the subject wearing the glasses sees clearly; later on, however, he might feel compelled to use stronger lenses, due to the principle of ocular adaptation, of which Dr. Bates has widely spoken.

The holes that characterize the pinhole glasses favor micro eye movements, in order to rehabilitate and relax the muscles surrounding the eye, stiffened with the use of eyeglasses or contact lenses.

The pinhole glasses are able to educate to a well-focused vision, preventing the static nature of the gaze. These are highly recommended for watching television, reading or being at the computer, since a multitude of information is concentrated on the screen of the latter, which requires a central visual regulation and very fast eye movements to be recognized.