Hangover Drink Cure That Works

There are times when you drink too much alcohol and wake up feeling sick to your stomach and with a pounding headache that will not go away. Luckily, there is a Hangover Drink Cure that can make you feel better in a short period of time. It seems to be countless recipes out there to try, but one of the best and most effective is the old-fashioned Bloody Mary. It works to reduce stomach aches and headaches as it rejuvenates the body with vital nutrients and much needed hydration. It is advised that you drink a glass of water along with this cure. The ingredients used to make the cocktail include Vodka, pickle brine, tomato juice, Old Bay, lemon juice, horseradish and Worcestershire and Tabasco sauce. The tomato juice provides potassium, while the Worcestershire and Tabasco sauce gets your system functioning again.

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